Bicycles & Scooters

It is recommended that children under the age of ten do not cycle to school, as their road  and traffic sense is not adequately developed.  All children who ride cycles are required to wear helmets and not ride on the footpath. Cycles brought to school should be locked.  No responsibility is taken for cycles left unlocked. Scooters should be clearly named and left in the scooter stands.  

Bus Travel

A teacher is on duty at the bus stop each afternoon to help children catching the bus home. It is the expectation of the school that children travelling on buses remain seated in one seat, do not move around and communicate quietly to those around them.

While at van Asch
Students are able to catch the bus to and from school each day free of charge while we are at the van Asch site. There are two bus stops; Redcliffs School and Wakatu Ave.  

The Redcliffs School bus departs in the morning from opposite the Main Road school site at 8.45am. The Wakatu Ave bus leaves at 8.45am, from near the Main Road end of Wakatu Ave. The drop off points in the afternoon are at the same places. Please ensure your children cross the roads safely.

There is a bus supervisor on each bus in addition to the bus driver.  The bus company is Go Bus.
Students are taken to the buses after school and leave from van Asch at 2.55 pm.

It is important that the students know if they are travelling on the bus each day and which bus they are taking, especially if this changes.  For younger children please communication clearly with their classroom teachers.

Children going to After School Care at Sumner or Mt Pleasant Schools can catch the Wakatu Ave bus, which will drop them off at those two places.  They must tell the supervisor when boarding the bus.


In the interests of safety parking on the bus stops, across driveways or in the school grounds is not permitted. The staff car park is reserved solely for the use of staff. 

Please do not park on the yellow lines, which may prevent vision of the road by the road patrol or people crossing streets such as Raekura Place. 

We request that parents use the school crossing to keep the children safe. When the road patrol is in operation please wait until the crossing leader states “cross now”. We realise you may want to hurry but there are rules which the patrol has to adhere to.

Walking School Bus

Have you considered setting up or joining a Walking School Bus?  A Walking School Bus is a group of families living in the same neighbourhood who form a walking group to take children in their area to and/or from school.  The parents take turns walking along a set route collecting children from designated ‘bus stops’ along the way.   

Walking School Buses are led by people who value the environment, who want to contribute to their community and are concerned with their children’s health and well being.   

If parents are interested in initiating a Walking School Bus in their area the Christchurch City Council has the information to get started.  Please contact: 

Schools Coordinator Transport and City Streets Unit 
Christchurch City Council 
PO Box 237 Christchurch 
Phone: 941 8299