Extending Students

We recognise that many students have gifts and talents that can be further developed both at home and school.  For children who may need extending in their learning programme the classroom teacher will provide opportunities for extension within the context of the classroom programme.

Children may display gifts and talents in a range of areas; academically, intellectually, socially, physically or emotionally.  At Redcliffs School each year we strive to provide additional opportunities for children to be extended.  All children achieve best when they are happy, motivated and engaged in their learning.

Extension opportunities at Redcliffs School regularly include a range of the following: 
  • Classroom ability grouping and interchanges
  • A wide range of Sports teams, tournaments and competitions throughout the year
  • Leadership opportunities: school leaders; house captains; radio station leaders; kapa haka and choir leaders; road patrol; buddy systems; peer mediators; librarians.
  • Future Problem Solving classes
  • Concert bands
  • Cluster Orchestra
  • Radio Station operation
  • Redcliffs News film crew
  • Rock bands
  • Kapa haka
  • Choirs
  • Lit Quiz teams
  • Cantamath Teams
  • Mathematics extension class
  • AV technicians
  • Robotics extension class
  • Science extension class
  • Creative Writing extension class
  • Photography extension class
  • Visual art extension class
  • Physical Education extension class
  • Major school production (script writing group, dance, drama, music, technical)
  • Leadership training
  • IT extension classes, Cluster IT tech-fest
  • Musical instrument lessons
  • Hip-hop dance class
  • Junior French classes
Some groups are formed by self-selection, other classes are for students identified by teachers, using defined selection criteria.