Board of Trustees

The Redcliffs School Board currently has seven trustees. There are five parent representatives including the Chairperson. The Principal is a member of the Board and there is an elected Staff Representative.  Trustee elections are held every three years.
The Board of Trustees meets monthly in a meeting which is open to the public. This is usually held on the third Monday of each month in the staffroom. The meeting generally covers student achievement, finance, property, personnel matters, policy review and development and all matters relating to the effective governance of the school.

Should you wish to speak at a Board meeting you must discuss this beforehand with the Board Chairperson who may give you speaking rights.

Please feel free to ask trustees questions about their roles.

Meeting dates for the remainder of 2019:
Monday 20th May
Monday 1st July
Monday 19th August
Monday 23rd September
Monday 25th November
Monday 9th December

Return to Redcliffs

The Minister of Education has announced that our school will return to Redcliffs in 2019, with a new school to be built on Redcliffs Park.  This follows a long consultation process which included submissions from more than 2700 people, asking for the return of the school to its home in Redcliffs. The school’s submissions about the process are available here, and you can view the full documentation by searching “Redcliffs” at

For further information email us: 


The Board of Trustees is responsible for developing policies which provide the broad direction for our school. Policies are reviewed throughout the year by Board members in consultation with the school community and teaching staff. Copies of all policies are available for perusal at any time by parents and caregivers - see the Schooldocs link on the home page.


The Board members from June 2017 are:

  • Rose McInerney (Principal) ph 384 3853
  • Darren Fidler (Chairperson) 
  • Leonia Ocheduszko (Staff Rep)
  • Andrea Wylie
  • Kathy Connolly
  • Emma Lumb
  • Chelsea Halliwell