Home Learning

Parents’ beliefs and expectations about homework differ considerably.  Homework can help children to develop study habits and become independent learners, if it is a positive experience from an early age.  After school time should be a balance between play, socialising, family time, hobbies and interests, sport and a small amount of school work.  Homework should not be a stressful time.
Please check with classroom teachers or team leaders at the start of the year for each Team’s homework plans.
In general; we expect our children to do reading and Mathletics activities each night.  Projects and alternative homework will be provided from time to time, such as speeches, Science Fair and inquiry research.  If at any time your child has no homework; 30 minutes of reading and learning basic facts or times tables would be beneficial.
Children in Team Whenua (junior team) will usually have a reading book to read Mon-Thurs, and poetry on Fridays. Sometimes they will have sight-words to practice or a small amount of spelling.