Parent Education

Eyes on the horizon, feet on the ground, head in the clouds

As we move toward planning and designing our new school we wanted to take this opportunity to share some current reading with you to help you understand some of the recent changes in education. Even since the Christchurch Renewal Plan began so much has been learned by educators and knowledge and wisdom is being readily shared to all going through the rebuild. You may have heard the terms ‘Modern Learning Environments’ and ‘Big Barns’ being bandied about in quite a negative way as parents. I know I have. We have quickly moved on from these terms and we are talking about ‘Flexible Learning Environments’ where the environments can be easily changed to best accommodate the learners who will be using that space at that time. It is our desire to know our learners really well and put their learning needs at the core of all decision making for our future school. To do this try to put aside any one off conversations about big barns and no research etc. They aren’t helpful to what we want to achieve. Please be reassured that we have learnt the importance of what a strong community means as a school and we will do our utmost to build on and treasure this.  

Education is going through one of the most exciting times I’ve seen in 22 years of teaching.  Really great questions are being asked about what causes great learning? How are children truly engaged in their learning? How can students take the lead in their learning? It is a time where excellent teaching practice is at the core of everything we do and teaching and learning relationships are paramount. Teachers at Redcliffs have been learning to work more collaboratively to learn from each other and to create better learning opportunities for our students over the last couple of years. We model this learning to our students. One of the big ideas about teaching in the future is moving away from a very traditional model where there is teacher directed learning all day long and into the area where our students learn self regulation very early on and the teacher facilitates, coaches and guides students. This is powerful real learning. 

We will add readings to this page regularly to provoke your thinking. We are looking forward to building our school together. Thanks for taking the time to be involved in your child’s learning for the future and being guardians of the school we will create for the children of the future. We will be organising lots of different way that you can share your ideas for our new school and your thoughts about what it is that you most value about Redcliffs School and your child’s future education.